Legal employment

Our company offers you to find work in the best hotels in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and the Czech Republic.

100% security

We check every employer. Payment for the program is made only after signing the contract

30 days

After such a short time, an exciting day of departure may come: the contract is signed, tickets are on hand, the suitcase is packed

96 out of 100

Almost all of our job seekers get jobs. Do you speak conversational English at an intermediate level? You have a chance!

4 reasons why it’s profitable with Sunrise

There are more opportunities, but these are really significant:


Raise your status

Working in international companies is a unique experience. You will be able to get new skills, increase the value of your resume, improve your knowledge of the language, and acquire useful business connections.


Earn more now

High salary and decent working conditions. Yes, and good tip in the tourist country has
not been canceled! 


Invest in the future without sacrifice

The cost of a visa, flight, accommodation and meals are borne by the employer. You can safely save money for your goals!


Rest at the world level

How many diverse entertainment exists in one of the main world tourist centers! And the best beaches of the world ?! A motley multinational composition of the population of Dubai? A great weekend getaway, interesting communication and new friends from around the world are provided for you.

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Thanks to Sun rise agency for employment, a special thanks to Azat bike for preparing for the interview.

Good day! Friends, I am glad that I chose San Rise because they are professionals. I don’t want to offend other agencies in Kyrgyzstan. But she submitted summaries to various agencies. Success and achievement of new heights. Thanks for the quick response and processing of documents.

Thank you very much to the Sun Rise agency. Thanks to them, I work in the UAE. Especially thank you Azat bike. Learn English, come to Sun Rise and make your dream of distant countries come true ...

Employment in the UAE, Turkey
Jobs in large companies with a worldwide reputation.


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Company "Sun Rise" Employment in the countries: United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait Turkey. This is your chance in the future☝️ "Use the opportunities that life gives you!"

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